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I've never been to a star party - what happens?


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The imagers either sit hunched over a dim red screen grumbling when their auto guider loses lock it they are sitting inside drinking teas letting the scope and computer enjoy the clear skies....


while the visual dudes are out there using averted imagination ;)

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Probably another useful tip for the uninitiated is that if/when you decide to have a few drinks and everything gets a bit wobbly, take care if you go outside. It only takes a few stumbles in the dark and youre tripping over/ripping up peoples guy ropes..... lol... been there, done that :D

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Stringing up a row of fairy lights around your tent / van awning is not reccommended !

We did have someone a couple of years back who really wanted to do this ....... :rolleyes2:

Even an illuminated mobile phone facia on the other side of the field can seem bright when folks are dark adapted.

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Put a red filter over your car/vehicle interior light too. A lady friend of mine was seeing me in a diffrent light, (red), until I explained the reasons of dark adapted vision and that astronomers have to do it in the dark, (unless you're into solar). Now she can't to have look through my 'scopes.

...and don't forget the Jaffa Cakes!

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As a complete Star Party novice. Is it ok to bring a bottle of malt? I find a hip flask rather easier to operate at the eyepiece and the contents rather more insulating.

I will, of course, follow your advice re the beer as well.


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Thanks for all the comments and I've decided to give it a go and have booked to attend on Sat and Sun night.

Keep an eye out for a white Subaru.


Glenlivet or Lagavulin?

Tent or car?

>> CPC or APO?  = yes and yes

>> Glenlivet or Lagavulin? = yes and yes

See you there :grin:

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