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Megrez FD 80/555 and Binoviewer ?

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I just bought a refractor Megrez 80 FD, yet I could not use (too many clouds).
I think William Optics pulled a model called "First Anniversary .." or similar, which amounts to the same telescope but red and some that another cosmetic change.
I've been reading about this model refarctor, very short, very retro focus, and seems to work quite well with a binoviewer without having to use a barlow lens or amplifier 1.6X to get to focus.
And my question is: has anyone used a binoviewer (William optics I think it has a model) with this refractor in particular? is a Fluorite Doublet Megrez 80 with a lens system, Co-designed by Thomas Back, if I remember correctly (according to the seller has told me is 2nd hand).
Well, if somebody could tell me something about this system: binoviewer + Megrez 80/555 FD.
And if it can really be worth
I would be very grateful to him.
Greetings and thanks

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