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It is good to be here


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My name is Jeff and I have been looking at the sky most of my life. I have some telescopes and one decent mount. 

I started out as a visual only astronomy nerd. I spend some bucks on eyepieces just to get a little more clarity

in my observations. Then I bought a dslr camera. I am now broke all the time upgrading in a never ending cycle

of finding the perfect set up for astrophotography. I am just now replacing my old 1990 C11 with an Edge model

of the same size. I am sure this this latest purchase will be the addition that will complete my perfect system.

I am looking forward to Hubble like photos of all of my favorite targets in the sky with my new telescope.

It will also be fun to be a part of this forum with other folks who love to stand out in the cold at night staring

up at little tiny things in the sky.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everybody. Dave, I believe you are right. Even if I had an observatory high in the mountains with a one meter telescope I would still want adaptive optics and someone to serve me snacks.

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