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Choosing a telescope.... It's NOT easy

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So I,m waiting for the startravel 120mm to come into the country. A scope ive researched and decided to buy. While waiting I continue to research. Now I read the focuser is sloppy, advice is to change it for a 10.1 crayford. Also CA could be a problem so may need a fringe killer.

As each month goes bye a little bit more money goes into,the pot so now I have a bit more to spend.

Need a second scope for holidays and grab and go hence the short tube frac I was looking at. Now me thinks aperture is king. Start looking at the ST 150 after all the tube is only 150 mm Longer, but still same problems as the 120. Now I'm looking at Skymax 127 hang on aperture is king so now I'm looking at the skymax 150 Pro. But I want it on an AZ mount. Would it fit on the AZ4 on steel legs ?. I don't want a heavy tripod remember it's for holidays in the mobile home. Don't want go to. Don't want syn scan. Just looking for a grab and go to go with me on holidays. No AP, no battery packs. No expensive focuser upgrades etc . So it ain't easy.

Not looking for sympathy just advice, best scope for views of the planets and star clusters, that's light and easy to carry with biggest aperture for mobility. Thank you for reading my rant.

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A 120mm is not exactly grab and go - in my opinion. I have a 90mm ED and that is enough weight as a normal scope. A WO 71mm is more grab and go.

If you are thinking "grab-and-go" but also "aperture" then the 2 are incompatible.

No idea the cost of the 120mm but I would think more along the lines of the 90mm Rother Valley Achro something like f/7 I think.

Choosing a scope is easy, ignore EVERYONE and get the one you want. :eek: :eek: :eek:

My life is easy, I seem to like the smaller refractors. :grin: :grin: :grin:

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To be fair the fast sw achromats are well known for both CA and slightly sloppy focusers. I have the 120 f5 and it is a wonderful scope for wide field low power at night. This was almost certainly the main design point of this scope. For moon and planets it is reasonable but there is a lot of CA of course.

It works surprisingly well on doubles too.

The things you mention don't need to be bought but will improve the experience. You will still have a great time with it.

I do think a120 f5 frac is grab and go.

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Have you been able to get to see some telescopes?

Have you been able to get to see some telescopes?

I am no where near a shop that sells astronomy equipment. The Local

astro club usually has two or three scopes that turn out for the viewing nights and they are two francs and one skymax. So there is not a great spread of scopes to look at thanks for the suggestion though

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Hello Everyone,

I have the Orion 120 F/5 ST with the Orion  Sky View Pro mount, it is painted in gun-barrell grey.  I bought mine brand new and 'm pretty happy with it. I have had it for 5 years now. I  think it makes a great grab-and go scope It has wide views, doesn't weigh very much and has some nice aperture. Eventualy I sold the standard focuser that it came with and bought a Wiilliam Optics focuser and it works well. So I would recommend this scope.

Somthing I would also recommend to all of the Star Garzers befoe you buy your first Scope who are starting out in Astronomy is if your able to go to a local Star Party or at a monthly Astronomy meeting is to walk arount to all of the Scopes that are set-up and look through and compare the views, focal lenght  when looking in the eyepiece. Then look at the size, weight and how much you are wanting to spend for your budget.  Astronomy is a GREAT hobbie and can be Expensive too.  It is a good idea to do a-lot of research before you buy a Scope or Binoculars.  :blob9: 

Clear Sky's,


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