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Mono Jupiter from London


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G and B were awful, so this is through R filter.


I'm wondering if I need to refocus between filters, or if B and G, they were big smudges! Or if it's just futile from the city, I'm not sure. Happy with R anyway :) Old Juve is such a beaut!

C11, 2.5x powermate, ASI ZWO 120mm-s

50% of ~10000 frames (90 seconds)

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Despite the only too familiar trials and tribulations :rolleyes: you have managed to record a lovely detailed image. Well nailed.

                                 best regards,


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Blue is nearly always inside (ie, less drawtube) R&G but for a lot of us the G % even more so the B has been very poor this year. :(

But a decent effort under what I suspect was poorish seeing :icon_salut:  - you can try reducing the stack-size as suggested...in fact I'd go for 5% & 10% quality stacks: ie, the best 1000 or even 500 frames - it is a common misconception that "more is better" most of the time...the better frames WILL have less noise & more detail usually (unless they're all rotten!)

Don't take my word for it - test this out...after stacking these 2 different-sized stacks (preferably in AS!2) drop them into 2side-by-side Registax6's opened on you screen & apply similar wavelets & de-noising - as I said often the lesser sized but higher quality stack will win out! :)

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