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Replacement Pluck Foam for Maplin Flight cases


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I have finally found a supplier of replacement pluck foam for the popular Maplin Flight cases.  I use several of these: http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/flight-case-with-foam-n70ap  (Approx 460 x 350 x 160 mm) which I believe are a popular size.

These folk:  http://www.cases-and-enclosures.co.uk/spare-parts-foam-flight-aluminium-cases/cubed-foam-block-insert-for-en-ac-fc-a501-flight-case.html   sell replacement pluck foam that is an apparently exact match for the foam supplied with the Maplin cases.  It has the "small" pluck blocks - some other suppliers seem to sell foam cut with much larger  pluck blocks.  I bought a couple of pieces and they fit perfectly.

Their apparently identical flight case:  http://www.cases-and-enclosures.co.uk/aluminium-flight-cases/aluminium-flight-case-with-foam.html  is also cheaper than Maplins current special offer price.

Usual disclaimer for all the above.

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I use the cases and enclosures site too. I've had several off them. Nice prompt delivery and for the price decent quality as well. I found them via ebay. I enquired about some from a seller on there, didn't buy and soon after received an email complete with a discount offer. They do that every now and again. I just bought a case of them that should take all of my eyepieces and another for an 80mm APO I bought recently. The fact that they give a full list of sizes helps but remember that some of the dimensions in one direction will include the lid which will be lined with dimpled foam.

Another make that can be found on ebay at times is called something like skelington. They are dearer but still not too bad in large sizes.

Thanks for the foam link. Haven't checked on that one but I often find that the foam costs more or less the same as the case when bought separately and the ? skelinton ? is in need of a new insert. It hasn't kept up with my camera gear so may as well use it for something else.



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