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Optimal SD Card Size??

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Speed and format is important as well as size. With very affordable prices as they are I'd say get an SDXC with no less than 32gb and class 10.  I only send files to the card when I'm remote imaging and using a laptop. I mainly image with a PC and have the RAW files sent to it rather than the camera's card to review using photoshop bridge. I found it faster taking the burden off the camera and no failures ever.

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The only time I have lost data off cards is when buying them "cheaply" of ebay...

I use Sandisk Extreme or Lexar Professional cards bought from photo retailers...  A typical weekend togging can be 80 GB  of raws... For astro it depends on how many exposures your going to take - if your imaging a target and can take 300s or longer subs then 8GB would be plenty as you will only be shooting 12 an hour max... With the 1000D I used to use 4GB cards...


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I have always used good quality 16 or 32GB cards choice being made on GB per £ the 64Gb ones are not cost effective for me and as said elsewhere even a heavy astro session only fills about 6GB.

I suppose it does help that my camera has an easy access slot on the side rather than the battery compartment.


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