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Cleaning a Skywatcher focusser of grease?

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the focusser on our 100P (basic SW 1.25" jobby) sounds "gloopy" and I seem to get grease on my fingers from it occasionally - so I want to pull it apart and clean it up a little

What should I unscrew - or not unscrew?

How to clean - just bits of old cotton T-shirt or a solvent?

What grease to add/replace - I have everything from Scuba silicone to Lithium, Moly, Copper etc

thanks folks

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The SW Ever Lasting grease is great stuff. No matter how much you get on your fingers there will always be some left for next time.

LOL on using Copper grease, nice orange tint to everything.;)

Lithium is my current grease, but I don't have access to Scuba silicone which would be interesting to compare.

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