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The Happiest Galaxy in the Universe


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My wife showed me this on fb - at first I thought it was some photoshopped gag.....good to know ol' happy is legit tho I'm guessing the grav lens effect is only apparent in imaging? Would be great to see that beaming at you through the ports in 10 Forward....

What next, MacDonalds M logo star cluster? Donald Duck? I could imagine a DD asterism.... :)

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Ok... admit - who is going to point their scopes at it? Regardless if it's too dim :D

Position (RA): 10 38 43.15 Position (Dec): 48° 49' 18.19" Field of view: 1.26 x 1.24 arcminutes Orientation:

North is 12.4° right of vertical

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Thats excellent. Might replace the Sombrero as my favorite galaxy.

Very nice image, made me smile :)

Nothing boring about that. People often think comedy is the opposite of serious. It is not!

Thats for sure, ive seen some comedy that is definitely indistinguishable from serious.

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