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...... and that reminds me, don't use tab on forums, you end up posting before you are finished.

I recently acquired a very cheap Celestron Powerseeker 127 eq. Since then I've read a few reviews and... it's not great! Having said that, I've been out over the past few clear nights and had some stunning views of Jupiter and moons, so I'm really chuffed. I would, however, like to improve the experience. The thing I'm struggling with mostly is the finder scope, it's awful and I havn't been able to get it to line up with anything I get in the main scope, I can hardly see anything through it at all.... so most of my time has been spent searching the skies through the main scope, can anyone suggest a replacement finder? or any other upgrades you could suggest would be very helpful.

Also, I'd like to thank Helen for the help with my registration problems.

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OK so during during daylight align your scope on an object as far away as possible. Once you've done that you can then line up the finder scope to the view you can see through the main scope, be careful not to nudge the main scope. This should align the finder scope. Some members buy a new finder scope that has a right angle to it RACI. This allows for less contortion when star hopping.

Best of luck

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Hi Andy and welcome to SGL. If you are still not satisfied with your finder, after trying to line in with the main scope, ( this could be due to the finder not being screwed to the body correctly, slacken the screws slightly and readjust, even providing a little packing if necessary ). Then consider changing to an RDF, something along the lines of the Telrad, this will aid you incoming to grips with star hopping, or as has been suggested a straight through or correct image finder, the later is the better, as your sky orientation will be the same as reading from your star maps :)

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Thanks for all the welcome's!

I think UHB1966 has the right of it, it's the finder scope mount that's giving me all the problems, it's very poor, flimsy plastic, even if I tighten the thumbscrews very tight, it just flattens out but still doesn't grip. I'll  definitely look into getting an RDF.... and a mount. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll let you know how I get on :-)

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