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Greetings from the Arm Pit of the Land of Awww...Oz. I have a Meade 4501 114 EQ I picked up at a pawn shop for $90, and after a few repairs and servicing has been very good to me. But for the last two years I haven't been able use it, since now all viewing has to be done from a wheelchair. So, I've added a new right angle finder scope and a 90° diagonal so I can once again do more viewing. Can't wait for warmer weather.

Oh, with all the different people here from other countries, I was wondering if there wasn't an English speaking section? LOL, sorry, had to ask and just yoking....... guess that's why I use the name I do, wifie gave it to me and it just sort of stuck like a wet noodle to your finger. Tootles.....

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LOL, thanks all for the warm welcomes. And so you English blokes know, my pedigree dates back to my 24th great grandfather, Robert de Bruce. Unlike my distant cousin and your Queen of the House of Windsor, roots are well established, but I'm sure my cousin will easily be able to reaffirm her lineage if needed. She a grand Laudy.

As for sports, well lol, I prefer to spend my time dedicated to artwork. Check my public page on Facebook, Art By Mickael. I may not get paid millions of dollars to chase a ball around while either getting my body beaten to Buffalo pies or returning the favor to some other deserving soul, but what I do will be around a few more minutes.

And as for Dorothy, she ran off with the Tinman, Toto turned the Scarecrow into his favorite chew toy, and the Lion now adorns the steps of many government buildings. The Wizzard, before his passing gave Einstein many new ideas, the Munchkins have taken up residence in the British Parliment doing good things, and the Wicked Witch of the East (or was it the West?) Now runs America. We're hoping the Good Witch gets into office SOON!

And that's the new from the Colonies.

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Apart from the White House bit (we'll have to agree to disagree, lol. No politics allowed on SGL so I'll just leave it there...) that news section made me laugh! Cheers colonist!

Well, it wasn't meant to be political, not really. Just headlines from the town crier late last night as they lit the candle street lamps. Sometimes life here in the colonies is so exciting. Oops, gotta got to Boston, they're having a Tea Party this next weekend,

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