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what do you store you binoculars in?


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I'm looking for a suitable flight case to store and carry a set of 15x70's and a set of 10x50's, i would prefere one case to store both sets so its less to carry to and from the field. Is it worth looking at the maplins flight cases? Also what material, plastic or aluminium?

What do you store your bins in? Is there anything you would recommend?

Thank you


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For the LARGEST of binoculars, 20x90 or 30x80, I have a couple of aluminum cases.

Padded nylon cases are  also good for 15x70, etc..   I have a few.

You might consider a padded nylon back-pack; the kind used by school children, should be enough room for 2 binoculars.

Just look around & use your imagination.


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Thanks for that, Damo. As a qualified loather of cheap pick-and-pluck foam, I would probably be tempted to get some HDPE foam to replace it, but his ideas of cutting it undersize tehn using the spare wave-foam to cover the pick-and-pluck may just make it usable.

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Arrived today; now cpntains my 15x70 BA8, 10x50 BA8, Vixen 2.1x42, tripod adaptor, large dessicant pack, mini-cleaning kit and the dewshields for the 15x70.

The pick-&-pluck foam was a pain as ever...

I did things pretty much as described in the vid above; carpet-tape is very useful for securing bits of foam to other bits of foam.

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