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Power tank on a plane


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You may be able to put it in the hold luggage, not sure about the cabin.

Equally taking a laptop on a plane is normal and they have batteries in them which is all that is.

You may also need to advise them of it in the baggage, not sure if they would class it as hazardous.

Aviation rules have changed so much recently.

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Hi Ian,

Are you taking it as part of your 'carry on allowance' or your 'baggage allowance'? - If 'carry on' then the airline and/or airport security may need to see it in an operational state, ie working. Check with the airline before leaving for the airport. Some airlines do not allow anything electronic on or near an aircraft that has been repaired or modified within 6-12 months of it being returned to you.

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I have one very similar...the Anker 20000mAh version. I have taken it abroad three times with no problems, on each occasion in my carry on allowance.

You are supposed to take it on the carry on luggage and not in the hold...I think you are limited to 100Wh which these are basically at the limit. All lithium batteries should be on your person there can be heavy fines if they get stroppy and decide to make an example.

Don't be too surprised if you are asked to part with it though...airport security changes all the time and what is allowed one day can change on another. Take the user manual with it so that they can see what it is.

I put mine in my back pocket so it didn't add to my allowance weight...quite handy if you are near your weight limit.

You should be okay...but best be prepared.

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