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Got fed up with my scopes lying around when using my giro for one of my fracs. I therefore ordered two sets of ladder hooks from Ebay for 10 pounds all in. I covered them with pipe insulation and felt and they work superbly. The pic days it all really.


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Very nice simple solution Shane, though adding a third would look even better - perhaps a 6" triplet? >:)

Looks reassuringly strong and secure, though rather surprised you haven't built a custon cabinet in varnished satin birch ply with green felt padded supports ;-)

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Neat storage solution and good idea becoming ultra accessible / grab and go. There are wall mounted racks for cycles, canoes, guns,  so quite logical for telescopes of a certain type.

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Hi Shane,

Looking good, simple but effective solution.

There is absolutely no doubt in the minds of your family members that that room is "Shane's / Dad's astronomy room" and woe betide anyone who thinks they can make use of it for any other purpose :grin:


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Nice, quick solution to a constant problem. :smiley:

I'm fortunate enough to have friend whose hobby is wood working.  He builds "gun racks" for my scopes... stains them and everything.  He lines the brackets with felt. The pic below has an AR102 on top.

All I have to do is give him the scope dimensions and he has one done in a couple of days.

The AR152 on the bottom presented a particular problem.  I that case, I gave him a vixen-style "hockey puck" and he mounted it on a background board that you can't see in the picture because of the width of the scope.


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