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Reprocess and some more images from last night

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Here is a collection of images from last night. All are stacks of 750 frames out of 1500. Stacked in AS!2, using 1.5x drizzle, sharpened with LR-deconvolution in Astra Image 4.0 (sigma =3.5, 50 iterations), followed by unsharp masking (radius 20, strength 20). Registax was used for RGB align only, and AI 4.0 was used again for saturation boost. Final processing in Gimp with another round of unsharp masking (radius 100, strength 2), colour balance tweaks, and slight down-scaling to 640x640 (down from 720x720). I chose one image from each of the sessions.

post-5655-0-45861600-1423318997.jpg post-5655-0-82375600-1423318980.jpg


Seeing was quite choppy at the beginning, but got much better later, and I think the latter images are among the best I have ever made. I also very much like the more natural look I get with LR-deconvolution compared to wavelets. As can be seen, the last image was after the meridian flip (which I had postponed as much as possible), which means the image is not perfectly aligned with the rest.

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Thanks everybody for the kind words.

Looks like conditions improved with the later images. Would be interesting to see the same data with wavelets Vs deconv.

Thanks for  the suggestion, I just checked it out here:


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Hi Michael all the images have a yellow red colour cast. to me on here. If you go on to registax 6 and click colour balance. All becomes pure and white again. ridding the colour casts. This will work for all the images. And I know colour is subjective but I think, the colour weight is more even using the registax balance.

Nice shots.


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