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Mark II Baader Hyperions


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Of no great consequence, but having been a keen user (re-seller)

I could not help but notice the new 21mm now "fits in" size-wise!  :p


Guess they finally discovered how to (allegedly) clone the LVW 21. 

There are other subtle design improvements from the 1st vs.... ;)

Whatever, glad to have the new 31mm & 17mm back in my box. :)

Roll on the 10mm. Austerity drives me to use 1.7x (root 3) scaling.

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Nice timing there, Chris. I was just thinking about the Hyperions. I am a long-time fan of these - I have all but the 24mm. I was about to pull the trigger and buy one, when I realized the EP I had been using the night before was my 24mm TV Panaoptic! It somehow slipped my memory I had one, and that it was sitting on my table - staring at me. :eek:

But I digress. I have a question that you may have an answer to: Why did Baader withdraw the 3.5mm Hyperion? I have and like it very much. What was the reason for it's having been pulled?

Thanks for your time,


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"Apologies for absence". Well, you won't get any negativity re. Hyperions from me. :)

I suppose, these days, there are more (better) choice(s). But once, they stood alone

versus a veritable (Teleview) "Sea of Green". And they still won quite a lot of fans. ;)

I don't know quite what happened to the 3.5mm. The only real problem I had with the

short focus Hyperions was a tendancy to "lose" narrower exit pupil in all that glass. :p

No "science", but they had a fairly constant lens design... except the (former) 21mm...


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