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Need help with Celestron AVX imaging software setup

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Hello All,

I'm piecing together what I'll need to control my AVX mount for imaging and it's a bit overwhelming. EQMOD, Astrotortilla, ByEOS, Cart du Ciel, Stellarium, did leave any out, OH MY!

I'm wondering if anyone would be so kind as to suggest their favorite or best ideas for which softwares to use AND specific setup recommendations, tips.

I've got about all the hardware:

Avx + 50mm Guide scope + Orion SSAG

70ED f6 refractor + canon 1000d

Cables to connect HC to laptop

and more...

I'm all ears and many thanks in advance,


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You don't have to use all that software. I set my AVX up using the mount software to align and PA then guide using an Orion mini guide scope with QHY5 guide camera. Main camera at the moment is Canon using BYE. I can get 10 minute subs ok using PHD with my ED80.


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Not sure EQMod works with the Celestron AVX (happy to be proven wrong...though I also only use a  Mac Air to host my capture software). Not done any guiding yet, but I do have PHD2 (again on the Mac) to use for guiding (free software again).

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was in the same situation as you when I started 16 months ago.  The amount of software that is available is overwhelming.

Here is a list of what I have installed on my laptop at present.

1.  ASCOM Platform

2. Celestron ASCOM Driver

3. Stellarium

4. Stellarium Scope

5. BackYardNikon (BYN)

6. PHD2

7. Alignmaster

8. Sharpcap

9. Astrotortilla

As said, you can get away with using teh handset to control the scope for alignments and GOTOs just fine.  This was what I was doing until this week.  Have just moved over to use Astrotortilla (AT for short) to do the 'Where the hell am I?' solving for the mount.  This is very handy as automates the whole alignment process and also updates the scope too.  Have another thread here that outlines a fw issues I had setting it up and also my workflow for getting it up and running.

Do not use any EQMOD stuff here, just what is listed above.

Let me know if you need anything more on this, more than happy to help out.  Know exactly how you feel...am still wearing that T-shirt :grin:

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