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Aristarchus Plateau


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Brrr! It was pretty chilly on Sunday 1 February but I couldn't resist setting up the 14" f5 tracking dob with a bright waxing moon.  My favourite region of the moon is from Aristarchus to Reiner Gamma and it was, right on the terminator.  A number of snaps later with the ASI camera I had enough to make a mosaic - and stupidly missed part of the terminator, doh!

Schroter's valley - and numerous smaller rilles

Marius - numerous volcanic domes/hills

Reiner Gamma - unusual dust swirls


And here is the original picture of Aristarchus itself.  A fascinating region to study with many fine details.  Why I didn't capture it up to the terminator I don't know!  Note the landslides inside the crater walls, fascinating!


Clear skies,



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