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How many moons does Saturn have ??


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I thought it had recently gone up to 63 but who knows it changes almost every year. Also i think any object that orbits a planetary body is a satellite so all moons are satellites as well as anything else in orbit. The question is how many of the satellites qualify as moons? and as there is currently no upper or lower cut off point it could be argued that everything in orbit is a moon. If so every clump of ice or dust particle in Saturns rings would be moons and then .....well...you count them ;)

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It has recently been reported that moon No. 63 appears to be forming at the edge of the rings.


Hyperion is listed at magnitude 14.3 in my favourite planetarium prog today ( Stellarium gives m=15.18 ). That is about as faint for visual viewing with amateur telescopes. If you can get to visual 15/16 then there might be a couple more to try.

here's a list:



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