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Apologies for the weather


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Just checked on MetCheck and it looks v. grim for the next few days. Sunday might offer a glimmer of hope :)

As I say, I apologise - it's because I've ordered some new EP's - could've guaranteed it!!

Tenerife anyone?????

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It's no good here either, my friends. Hot, humid during the day. Nasty, violent thunderstorms in the evening. Blowing dust, flooded streets etc.

James: Well, you can TRY to "take the observatory". :twisted:

You guys may enjoy the mornings, however. Mars high up and bright.

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Rob: Remember, we've had our 4 days of summer, now we're back to 'crud' until Autumn. Still, 19 days and then it's two weeks in Turkey. And it'd better be hot & sunny, or I'm gonna be really, really miffed :x

Astroman: Much good lightning?

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We should ask Astroman if he can put us all up at his place(I'll take the observatory) :)


Oh no you won't! I've known Astroman the longest! gun08.gif

PM me your mother-in-law's email addy, James. Must send her that fish joke & tell her where it originated from.......... :)

Astroman, your Mother In Law may have been born on Halloween - but does she sit in your study, picking her feet.............and worse!? puke.giffreaked.gif

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