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Deciding on a scope

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I'm trying to decide on a new scope. I would like it to be as versatile as possible. I'm very undecided. I like newts and SCT's so far. I've never used a refractor but am looking for one to try out. At this point I'm thinking a Celestron CGE pro 1400 HD but the price is just enough to make a gut swallow hard. Next would be the CPC deluxe 1100 HD and that price is much easier to swallow. There is also the Obsession 18" Classic....you see what the dilemma is? 

The Celestron's would get a Hyperstar for sure and feather touch auto focusers. I already have a wedge I could use on the CPC. The Obsession would end up costing as much as the 14" to get where I would want it except I have not figured out how to tip that big thing 48 degrees to polar align it.

No matter the way I go the scope would be used for viewing and AP (mostly AP) DSO and planetary. Speaking of that I would need a CCD for the scope optimized for the FOV. I have one camera that covers the Hyperstar FOV.

I just can't decide but I would like to have one of them last me (keep me busy) for 5 years or so.

Any input would be great.


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I have a 12 inch Meade SC and that was my first scope, I have never really been in love with it for one reason or another, I always wished I had gone down Dobsonian Road for a walk and have now put that right with an 18 inch custom Dob similar to the Obsession though I have not got it yet. My biggest gripe about the SC are the massive focal lengths, something I didn't really understand when I bought it, If I had my time again and I were you it would be Obsession

Or maybe a very large APO refractor 7 inch say.


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