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Jupiter - 02/02/15 @ 01:34 UTC - My Best to date!


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Jupiter - 02/02/15 @ 01:34 UTC by CKemu, on Flickr


Meade LX90 8" SCT 2032mm FL @ f/10

Meade 3x "shorty" Barlow - Takes scope to 6096mm @ f/30

ZWO ASI120mc - Colour Camera

  • ROI 640*472
  • Shutter 8.944ms
  • Gamma 50
  • Gain 80
  • Duration 60s
  • FPS 111
  • Frames Captured 6697
  • Sensor Temp 8.8c


PIPP - Debayer (GRGB), Quality Sort (Limit 2000 Frames), Center, Crop (450*450)

Registax - Align, Limit (60% of Best), RGB Align (Estimate), RGB Balance

Photoshop - Sharpen, Levels, Saturation

Finished work and got home for midnight, wasn't going to bother as seeing and high cloud with gusting wind was a strong annoyance, but like a werewolf under a full moon, I couldn't resist the call of a clear sky.

Glad I did, seeing had it's moments of utter terribleness and odd moments of clarity, was about to give up, but decided to check my focus, the mirror had slipped, so I refocused on Ganymede and grabbed a few more shots - this was the first of those shots, and so glad I didn't give up too fast!

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Crikey, there's some nice detail in that and the conditions must have been good to push F30 with the colour ASI120.   Looking at the camera settings (and worth pointing out that I have no experience with the colour sensor), it seems you might be able to drop the gain and still push over 100FPS - which might reduce the noise from the cmos sensor.     Though I'll gladly bow to practical experience on this side ;)   The sweet spot for these cameras is generally said to be around F18-20, based on the 3.75um pixels - but you seem to have blown this assumption out of the water!     Really gutted I couldn't get out to play last night and praying that another decent opportunity comes along before this opposition is past!

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