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A bit of Cheshire sunshine


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It was lovely and sunny while I was cooking the Sunday roast and went cloudy straight after. I am sure I could see a place to get the big scope into next week though. However around 2pm I was just lucky enough to get this from the bedroom window.

PSTs and DMK41

16418892902_2deda3f11c_b.jpg2015-02-01 13-55-53 by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr

15797335854_f2a49e0ebb_b.jpg2015-02-01 13-53-46 f colour by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr

15797335964_8bd1b8e342_b.jpg2015-02-01 14-03-19 by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr

16419829065_37b0f7531f_b.jpg2015-02-01 14-05-32 SDO colour by Alexandra's Astronomy, on Flickr


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Fabulous pics, Alexandra. Love the colour on the last CaK.

The big scope is coming out to play soon? :blob7:

No joy for me at the weekend but on the plus it's probably been good to stay in the warm, gotta try and shake off my pesky bug. I had to pass on lunar imaging last night - seeing as I'd kept nice and warm rest of the weekend thanks to no solar, I listened to the Voice of Reason (Sarah) for once :laugh:

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