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Jupiter Feb 2nd Moments of calm

neil phillips

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Saw my first real moments of calm for a long while tonight. I kept getting huge focus shifts though, that stopped, it being the best. Other wise the quality would have gone through the roof.

Slightly jiggles from wind also didn't help. Got a lot to look at but bit tired now. And if its clear tonight I will have to archive it all,  clean the Laptop, and freeze  out there again. As apparently there will be no jet stream. it was cold out there tonight.  Trans was excellent. Dew non existent. For once I had all my light from the Orion.  The dusky Poles on the moon clearly seen, on the red channel



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Well done Neil, looked like it was going to be decent last night - but had to take daughter in to hospital and missed the chance. She's doing ok though :)

Look forward to seeing some more from this session.

Sorry to hear about your daughter, having to go to the hospital. But glad shes ok.

Cheers Jake. I am sure my jiblets froze last night.

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These look very promising Neil. Detail is good and it looks like the scope is performing well. It's about time we had some stable air to play with!!


Cheers Pete, it was still far from perfect here. But better in places than I have had of late. Wind did cause a little shaking. And still kept getting focus shifts, That worsened as the GRS came on view. Trans was good though, which has helped light levels with only 245 mm primary. If you went out I suspect you have got something vey nice.

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Looking good Neil! Well worth the effort those look very nice with consistent detail across the disk and when the Io poles show up like that its finger licking time!

you have a way with words Mr Goldstraw. That last comment tickled me. As you know, I have been trying real hard to get anything this year, At my age, its no easy thing without a obs.

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