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Baader Mark V binoviewers


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Over the last couple of  months I have been looking into getting a set of binoviewers and over Christmas-NY this ended up with me treating myself to a new Baader Mark V Binoviewers plus an additional Panoptic 24mm eyepiece to make up the pair. There are various threads on here and other places extolling the virtues (or not) of various brands, and you can adapt (supercharge) more or less any of them to increase clear aperture from around 21mm to 25mm or greater. I wasn't remotely interested in this and went for the best I could afford - there was a very nice Denk available around the time i was looking but it went too quickly for me. Having said that, this thread was very useful for numbers and opinion - http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/209850-baader-mark-vs-eyepieces/?hl=%2Bbinoviewer#entry2546405      

After a few outings I still cannot quite believe the improvement in the view quality as well as comfort level and now I am wondering why i didn't do this ages ago. Visual astronomy is probably very subjective and personal but If anyone has any doubts as to the improvement experienced then they need to get hold of a pair to try. Jupiter develops a clarity that is amazing and the moon virtually jumps out the eyepieces at you. Other targets await but my wife was truly amazed at how much easier it was with two eyes. This comfort aspect shouldn't imo be under-done; comfort is considerably improved.

For info I am using a C9.25 and a 1.7GPC on my system. So far I have tried the Panoptic 24mm, Delos 17.5mm and a new set of Tak LE 30mm (purchased from Bender). For me the Tak 30mm and Panoptic 24mm deliver the best views as the Delos were pushing it just a tad too much. Maybe this was the conditions or a different gpc would work better but for now I am one happy puppy.



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Two months into ownership and I am wondering what has held me back form going down this route in the past. I think it was the thought of buying two eyepieces on one go. 

Viewing has been a joy with none of the eye fatigue I experienced prior to the binoviewers use. Definitely gets a strong recommendation here ;-)

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Very nice setup, great to see I am not the only one who has found this the best way to view.  I am using the Baader Maxbrights and TV 20mm Plossls and have been comparing them to mono viewing with TV Radians and Vixen LVWs.  To my 58 year old eyes the improvement is very welcome.  I can sit there for hours without any of the tiredness or eye strain I would get from mono viewing.

My setup is the Baader Maxbrights (either with a 1.25x GPC or without it), using the Baader Zeiss 34mm T2 Prism, TV Plossls and my Tak TOA130S. I am now going to try the Pentax XF8.5mm for a bit higher power viewing. 

Thanks for posting your review ( I may later upgrade to the MkVs when the budget recovers)

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