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A mosaic attempt


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Tried a mosaic tonight. Initially I was using a barlow, but the AVIs soon filled my tiny hard drive, so a non-barlowed approach was taken. For this I am grateful, as it would have taken me forever to get it all. I will attempt it one day, but not tonight!

ED80, ASI120M and used AutoStakkert, Registax Wavelets and Microsoft ICE for the mosaic, which is so simple to use, I am a bit taken aback. I still think I am overexposed in parts, and the sharpening is rushed, but I wanted to get something processed tonight rather than wait...

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy. I enjoyed making it - planetary is more all action than deep sky it seems, and it is a very welcome change of pace.


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Exposure can be tricky....especially at the moment with this phase. The last time I created one I had the exposure set down at 2ms just to stop blowing out the highlights. Also if you do push the wavelets this will have an effect on the highlights (or at least thats what happens to me). Did you use PIPP first?

Keep at it ;-)

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Hi Steve - thanks. I didn't use pipp. Might give it another go later in the week and take more time with the wavelets, and maybe not use the same saved wavelet setting for all the images in a rush to try out MS ICE!

"Keep at it" - absolutely :)

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