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Old binos.


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Hello all.

A friend at work has just lent me some old binoculars, Hans Weiss optik 30x70. Just bought an adapter for I-phone 4 to photograph through the binoculars but the phone seems to be to far from binoculars, is it because they are older binoculars and the eye relief is not so long, because if you hold the phone right up to the binoculars then you get a great image but in the adapter nothing. It's probably only a couple of mm difference, is that enough to make the difference. Also if I buy a new pair would the eye relief be longer.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



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Hi Dave.  If you are getting an image without the adapter but not with, then it seems that you have answered your own question - the adapter is placing the phone too far from the binos.

If you do wish to get new binos, then long eye relief is likely to be best, so look for that in the specification.   Safest is to try before you buy, or from a retailer that will take them back if not suitable.

Binos that feature long eye relief can be found in old or new models.

Regards, Ed.

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