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Hello folks , ive finally decided to go for the Skywatcher 150pds newt on an eq5 mount , the scope comes with i think a 25mm EP, previous research tells me that these are generally not up to much , so are the budget Plossl EP,s from Skywatcher, Revelation, Celestron on the same level as this 25 mm ep or better , ? Ive also been looking at a Celestron 2x barlow / t adapter bundle , is this a good starter barlow ? also is the t adapter the same as a t ring , or would i still need a dedicated t ring , if so what does the adapter part do ? Thanks

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Generally the plossl's mentioned are better, the supplied items tend to be MA's or Huygens and possibly Ramsdens.

The scope is f/5 so generally at the point where plossl performance is considered to start to deteriorate if they are not good.

Check the prices as there are also Vixen plossls (NPL) that are reported as good, although the outer casing tends to be said to be "plasticy". I suspect they use a more plastic outer and spend the money on the optics.

Not sure about sets of eyepieces, some think they are worth it, others prefer to get the individual eyepiece. I prefer the individual ones.

I cannot see the T adaptor being a T-ring, T-rings are for a specific DSLR, so it cannot fit all and I guess it is not advertised as T Adaptor of an ABCD DSLR. It may be a 1.25" adaptor for a webcam, but not a DSLR T-ring.

I generally suggest people expect to get (over time) 4 eyepieces as a minimum, high mag, not so high mag, medium mag and low mag, and 4 plossl's will cost about £120-£140.

A possible alternative mighrt be the BST Starguiders at 5mm, 8mm and 25mm - that is a half set I often make use of. Those woiuld come to £147. My thoughts being you will keep BST's for much longer the plossls so it could be a better long term investment.

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The supplied T adapter allows you to screw a camera specific T2 adapter into it. You need to buy one specific to your camera.

My take on EPs, individual a-la-carte and save for a good one over a fixed price all in menu.

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