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M42 - comments please.


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Here's my latest M42 plus Running Man (NGC 1977). I've only been at AP for about 3 months now. I used an iOptron SkyTracker with a Canon 70D + 400mm f/5.6 lens. 47 subs @ 30 sec, 20 darks, 23 offsets and 20 flats. Stacked in Nebulosity and PP in GIMP and Capture One.  Once I figure out layers in GIMP I'll work on the M42 core. Comments please!


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That's very nice and for 3 months in to AP extremely impressive.

The most obvious thing to suggest is more data which will help with the noise in the background sky where the SNR is low but I like the processing.

A bit of gradient in the background and the nebula looks a little green - tools in photoshop that can fix this and you used to be able to download PS 2 for free so maybe take a look at that?

But as I say a lovely result - keep at it!

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(don't take this as criticism!)

I can't tell if it is cropped or just ever so slightly out of focus, could be as simple as it could benefit from a bit of sharpening.

M42 has a bit of a green hue to it (which might just be from a slight skyglow gradient?), which is normal to fight against with the dslr's sensor. That and the bit of red gradient on the right.

The Running Man looks great! I cant never seem to pull out the subtle reds in it. Keep up the good work!

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