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Another Eyepiece Advice post


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Currenlty i have the following eyepieces:-

Revelation Astro 32mm

Skywatcher 20mm plossl (came with refractor)

Skywatcher 10mm (came with refractor)

Celestron XCel- Lx 9mm

TMB Planetary 6mm

Now after several years it has finally dawned on me that more mag = worse views and recently have had the best views of pretty much everything i observe with the 32mm eyepiece, even with a barlow i find it gives great views of everything.

I do however feel like there is a gap in my collection. Sometimes the Celestron  9mm can be a bit too much mag if the seeing isn't good, even in the Mak. So i am thinking of something around the 12mm mark??

Is my thinking wrong here? Or am i somewhere in the right ballpark?

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12mm sounds good and if you do not mind the additional cost you could try the Celestron X-Cel as you already have the 9mm.

Otherwise the BST is apparently as close as 2 eyepieces get and they are a little less cost - about £10 less if I recall.

The eye relief of the BST and X-Cell are similar, IO think the X-Cel gets advertised as 1mm or 2mm more and that may be a case of where the measurement is made from. Both are 60 degree.

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