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Another Ravelli offering


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Hi all, I got an email from amazon, as you do, offering something they thought I'd be interested in.


Its obviously the same tripod as the one I have with the trigger grip/ball head but this one has what looks like a substantial tilt and pan fluid head.  Might be of interest to someone, certainly looks like good value for money.

Just realised that since I got the mail its gone up from £40.02 to £43.96, still not so bad.

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There is also this "used" item:


from the description it sounds more like "shop soiled" than used. The head is very similar to the Triton pan/tilt one that TS Optics sell. If so, looks like a good deal.


I think this window shopping is a bad habit, I keep wanting to spend money on stuff I really don't need. 

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That head certainly looks the business - very robust if it's anywhere near the build quality of the ballhead. I bought the ballhead version late last year(even though I already had an identical ballhead mount on a monopod),and I regard that tripod as an absolute steal! I could have been tempted by this new offering otherwise. Well spotted!

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