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Atik 16HR peltier stopped working


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Hi All,

         As in the title, I'm currently using an atik 16HR  and the peltier decided to stop cooling.After a few emails with Atik (extremely helpful) it seems that a body transplant (putting the sensor in a 314 body) is their best option. As it's an old camera the 501 euro pricetag for this is out and I was wondering if any of you clever folk know of another possible solution?

On the up side,the email exchanges havemade me feel far more confident in dealing with them in the future (gotta look for that silver lining  :rolleyes: )

Thanks for reading 

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If you can keep the camera cold it may not matter much. I had a dead cooler on my first CCD (a 16HR) and didn't discover this till spring/summer. In winter it was fine. Now our winters are colder than most of the UK (at night) but our summers are much warmer and we can image for nearly 4 hours in June so things are different. If you are using the camera on cold nights then adding some kind of cold box around it might be all you need. DSLR buffs do this and their cameras are not intended for sub zero use. I bet an external cold box would keep you in business for most, if not all, of the year. You can't do the camera any harm, it's meant to be cold, unlike a DSLR. In essence you put a peltier inside a simple expanded polystyrene box.


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