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Would we see nebuloisty if it was local?

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One of the more intriguing things (to me) is that, in tandem with the

brain, the image is seamlessly "blanked" when we turn our head.

We don't get dizzy. We have inbuilt "auto-guiding"?   ;)

Mine did until it broke :(, not been able to fix it with a lodestar or phd either LOL

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Funny you should ask this....this article popped up on my Facebook feed the other day: http://www.universetoday.com/117215/what-does-space-really-look-like/

Anyone who's flown in an aeroplane has some experience of this. When you fly through cloud do you see clouds? I would say, not really. You see cloud, which isn't the same thing. To paraphrase a well k

Looking at a deep image of M42 with all the assosciated nebulosity, if you were there rather than here would it be visable? would you be in cloudy space like murky water? or is the scale so large it m

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