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Orion vs Synta

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Why are Orion scopes pricier than Skywatcher or Celestron? From what I know, the optics from both come from the same place. Is the workmanship and the general quality of the components different?



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Some of the bits may or are better. I think that Orion tend to supply plossl eyepieces whereas Synta supply MA, Huygens or Ramsdens. Not sure about the focuser but it may be a better item. They are the obvious 2. Now they very likely use a Synta item for these also but not the ones that Synta tend to supply.

Not sure if the software is fractionally different in the goto's, or the electronics, but there are few (none) reports of Orion software failing whereas Synta ones appear here about weekly. Equally there are a lot less Orions around then Skywatchers so a lot less reports even if the same rate of failure. Adding a simple reverse polarity diode is easy and would save a lot of problems, they might specify a slightly better memory chip.

The big drawback against Orion is that if you are the original purchaser and have a problem you get support in that you can purchase from them a replacement item. If you are not the original purchaser they offer no help. They have and will ask for proof of purchase. No proof then bye-bye. In effect if you are buying a used Orion then beware. :eek: :eek:

So yes the optics are the same and the general framework but they may be very small bits that are not the same that sort of improve the experience, or lessen the pain. :grin: :grin:

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I've owned an Orion (USA) ED80 and a Skywatcher ED80 and both were exactly the same apart from the gunmetal grey tube colour of the Orion. I've said Orion (USA) becuase we have a UK company called Orion Optics which are all made, including the optics, in the UK.

I like the looks of the Orion (USA) Intelliscope dobsonians and the Intelliscope "push to" system is not offered under any other branding, as far as I am aware. In the USA of course the opposite questions get asked because they are much more used to Orion branding than Skywatcher :smiley:

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I have a 6" and 8" Orion Intelliscope, the difference between these and a Skywatcher that I also have is pretty much down to the paintwork. Both Orions have excellent optics and there is an urban myth that Orions contain "cherry picked" mirrors. The Intelliscope push-to versions are well worth the extra outlay.   :smiley: 

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