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Bent Towards Making a Motorized Barn Door Tracker.


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I was surprised by the ease of making the Bent rod for the Barn door.

I made an Arc of 11-1/2inches, as this is larger than the average protractor I used a 12in scale.

Lucky for me there was a hole at 11-1/2" !

I made a dot on a paper and positioned the hole (in the scale) over the dot and with a marker at the other end of the scale and rotated the scale with the Dot/hole acting as the centre or Pivot.

Took two blocks of wood 2" and 4" (and held the bolt/rod over the the blocks with a gap in between and I used a hard plastic hammer.

Starting at the higher(4") block side hammer on the rod and keep moving the entire lenght of the rod.

Make sure the bolt doesnt rest on the ground/hard surface, this will damage tge threads n make it un usable.

It's a very small angle so it's easily snd quickly done.

To verify the bend put it on the barn door and remove the geared-driven Nut and slide the rod up and down by moving (rotating) the top part (of the barn door) and see in any part is touching the edges of the hole(It shouldn't)check how the rod moves through the hole. Ideally it shud pass through the center of the hole in the lower part.

For the bend should be such that when the rod passes through the center of the hole throughout the rod's length the rod shud remain in the center

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