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Opticron GS 52 GA ED Clearance


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Our focus is primarily astronomy so we don't often mention birding & nature optics but this deal is far too good to miss. 

The Opticron GS 52 GA ED is my favourite portable spotting scope. It really is a diamond! 

Made for Opticron by Vixen, the Japanese fully multicoated optics include an ED element and over-sized 24mm prisms (from the larger GS model) for enhanced colour correction, maximum brightness and high contrast. The 12-36x zoom eyepiece is also highly regarded (best known amongst astronomers as the Vixen 8-24mm zoom).  

This Japanese-made GS 52 GA ED is being replaced this year by a similar Chinese-manufactured model so is available with the zoom eyepiece and a stay-on-case at a significantly reduced price! 

£531  £329  (save £202)

Include's Opticron's 10-year guarantee and is covered by our own 30-day return policy so you can buy with confidence. 


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Hmm, that looks really nice :smiley:

I'm just getting back into birding and I may start looking for a portable scope. Binoculars are great but just don't have the reach on our local patch when the tide is low. I don't fancy lugging around anything too big so 50mm-60mm looks to combine portability with power :smiley:

My budget might insist on a non-ED though, sadly :embarrassed: 

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Some of these smaller ED spotter's work remarkably well I spent ages with this scope and the Nikon ED50 side by side looking at the same targets there was hardly anything in it...

It's only under bad lighting conditions that  you really notice the "lack" of aperture perhaps more so with the zoom EP , the rest of the time you have a very compact and capable scope...

The small spotter transformed my birding experience .  I carry my  50mm scope with a Zoom (13-40x) and WA EP (20x) and a pair of 8x42's as well as the heavy camera gear...


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