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Is my tracking out


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I am in Norwich right by the UEA  lp to west not good . Well I move the mount over to my observatory about 3 weeks ago so still trying to get it right with out auto gulding set up ,The pis was done at ISO 100 so it did not wash out to much. so it was not about getting a good pic but geting the mount working by find tuning .I will be down around 2 min @800 max so if I can get away with 600s. with this SW st120 on I am hoping for 180s with the SW250 on the mount next clear night .

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That is unguided? Then I would say that is doing pretty well! 

I will have to try that really low iso trick, just to see how well my tracking is working! Not shot anything over 3 minutes.  With my 1100D, I get these horrible drop lines from bright stars though if I use anything under iso 1600, seems to be a common problem :( 

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Hi Starlight,

That is excellent for a 600seconds shot.

There does not appear to be much wrong with your tracking, or your polar alignment, the only things I can see are the typical CA around the stars and some field curvature around the extreme edges of the frame... both of which are normal for an ST120 without a field flattener which would get rid of the curvature but not the CA..

Add some guiding and you will be good for many more minutes exposures... only limited really by the Light Pollution.

Very well done.

Clear skies.

Sandy. :grin:

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Nice shot! What mount are you using?

You can colour balance the pic in your processing sw. What do you use?

I would also invest in an Astronomik EOS Clip-in LP filter. They're briliant.


Well over the time with the UEA geting bigger and the new LED lights out the front I am down to south only . so I am fine tuning the mount for south only , yes I can still see n/e/w ok but to much light , I not into Astro photography but I like to go in for tea and come back out 10 mins later and see what I was looking at is still there . so with the new synscan software helps alot,  I have a 45 mins spot on looking before the flip,  then its not as good so still working on this side of the mount . I did one pic at 300s@ ISO400 and had more dater then this 1 at 600s @ ISO100 so only trying to get the best out of the mount to the south. My caliper have not work so hard trying to get my mount accuracy down Heq5 pro.

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