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Examples of home made Eyepiece /kit boxes?

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Although the joys of "proper" astronomy only really began at Christmas when our 9yo got a 100mm Dob we already seem to be acquiring extra bits of kit, notably a new Barlow and 9mm Eyepiece, with maybe another to follow - currently they sit in the cardboard boxes they arrived in but I am curious to see what other folks store their kit in so I can be inspired to make something myself (rather than spend yet more money on a case in the Maplins sale)

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Have a couple of small cases for carrying eyepieces round in, nothing fancy and not costly.

Problem you will find is buying ply for a box, hinges, handles and catches all add up, then you need to fit out the inside, faom is not cheap.

Think the cheapest I bought was a £5 trolly bag from one of the discount shops.

It does a good job of holding bits and I often buy the plastic food storage boxes to put bits in - The Range have about the best prices on those. One food box I have takes the 5, 8, 25mm BST and that is my half set for an evening. Power leads in another..

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