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150mm Baby Dobson


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My latest ATM project is a little travel scope around a 150mm f/4 Orion UK (1/6 PV) mirror set that has been in my closet for almost a year. I'm planning an observing trip to La Palma this summer and although I already built a 350mm trussdob for this trip, I wondered if I could bring a little widefield scope as well...

At the moment the scope is nearly completed. It still needs some paint, a reddot finder, baffling, a and maybe a shroud (for solar obseving with Baader foil), but it's functional already; I observed and sketched comet Lovejoy for its First Light: http://www.roelblog.nl/2015/01/2317/  The comet was easy to locate by "eyeballing" along the side of the scope and also because its wide field of view, so I might skip the finder

The focuser is made out of the inner workings of an old camera zoom lens, the rest is plywood and aluminium.

The size of the package is 9,4 x 8,6 x 4 inches. The trusses (19" long) are to be transported separately. The total transport weight including he trusses is 2,4kg (5,3 pounds)






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Mapstar showed me this thread today. I have just bought a second hand 200p OTA. I was going to just build a rocker box but now I have other ideas. Completely strip the OTA salvage the mirror, finder scope and focuser, and build something like this! If only I had the skills. Damian I might need some serious help mate! :)

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