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I didn't really know where to put this question so its ended up here and not very Astronomical, Sorry.

Does anyone know how i can stack CCTV images so i can read the Reg plate of the van of the guy that stole my sons bike? Can i do it with registax what do i have to convert it too?

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I have two AVI files in 30min segments, from 2 different cameras, but im struggling to get them down to a manageable portion, the 2mins in question.  Registax wont load them for some reason, I take it that its because of the size, what do you reckon i should use to edit down to the 2min required? by all means you can have a go if I can get it down to a manageable size.

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Have you tried putting it through PIPP first , incidentally I believe that images from lower quality CCTV cameras are easier to recreate detail from than HD images.

There's also a video editor used by folks on here but the name escapes me ATM, something like Vdub ?


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