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Hi from bath

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Hi I'm dean from bath,

My girlfriend brought me a explorer-130pm telescope for Christmas and ever since I have been hooked.

I was first interested in astronomy when I was eight, through the influence of my dad who had all the sky and telescope magazines from the early seventies. He built his own 8" dobsonian and I can remember him showing me the moon, Orion Nebula and planets- happy memories.

After two weeks of working my way through the Turn Left At Orion book my dad brought over his 8" dobsoinan for me to use. I tried it out on Saturn and it was great, seeing that he built it thirty years ago. I tried cleaning the mirror but it was in bad shape. That night I decided I wanted a bigger telescope. The following day we visited my parents for sunday lunch and started to show my dad some reviews of 8" Newtonian on equatorial mounts. Looking for encouragement he said that he once ordered a 12" dobsonian off a company but the company folded while he was waiting for it to be delivered. He said that he regretted that he never got one. On the way home my girlfriend said that she would not be surprised if he would offer to go half on a 12". The next day he did so we brought a skyliner 300p.

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Hi Dean, and welcome to SGL.

You are going to have a lot of fun with that 12" Dob.

BTW, if you dad wanted to refurbish the old 8", then Galvoptics in Basildon, Essex, will re-aluminise it for him. Apparently, they have a very good reputation.


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Welcome Dean.

My girlfriend brought me a explorer-130pm telescope for Christmas and ever since I have been hooked.

That's exactly how I got started, except it was my wife that got me a 130m for Christmas, not your girlfriend. :rolleyes: (Great starter scope)


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Hi Dean, just came across your post, lam not far from you in Mid/ Norton.

The wife bought me a Sky watcher 130pm x 900 as a crimbo present.

Do you know are there any astro clubs in our area


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Hi phallic sorry I have taken so long to reply to your post. I have just been to the herschel museum today in bath and have found out that Wiltshire astronomical society has observing sessions in lacock. Might be worth looking into. Check out www.wasnet.org.uk

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