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Help protecting Nikon DSLR's sensor


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Protection from dust... especially when manipulating (connecting\disconnecting) it outside.

The Baader model I've hyperlinked in the previous post has a clear filter attached to the T-Ring.

I am looking for something similar for Nikon.

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TBH unless your going to buy a clear filter that is of equal optical quality to your lenses I wouldn't bother.

I'm always changing lenses 'in the field' and occasionally need to clean my sensor because of a dust bunny.

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The parts catalogue from the site you linked to shows for both Canon and Nikon. I'd contact the vendor and ask for confirmation.

I've contacted Baader asking them whether they have a similar product for Nikon, and their answer was:

"Sorry - no.

 Nikon requires a shorter T-Ring - there is no space left for this solution like we make for Canon.

 Best regards,"

So I am still looking for a workaround... or a solution from another brand.

Still nobody has ideeas?

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Sounds like an unescessary additional optic in the optical chain. To be honest I wouldn't worry about dust getting in there (unless you're in a desert!). General cleanliness practices will help- like blowing off your filters and extension tubes with an air blower before assembly etc.

The sensor will get the odd dust particle on it- but it's not a disaster and can be blown off with clean air in a second.

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