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Flame Nebula and Horsehead Nebula - DSLR on ED80

Fordos Moon

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Nice image. Thanks for posting. How do you take your flats with your dslr? What does the histogram look like for them? I must admit I've never tried it. I know I should though. Any tips appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks. I bought one of those light panels from Gerd Neumann - one of the best things Ive bought. Was about £70 but i couldnt get on with the tee shirt method. My flats come out sky blue. I use an Astronomik CCD CLS filter in my modified DSLR.

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I can see that from your profile pic! I have struggled with colour on the modified Canon1100D.

Hmm could be your alignment used in DSS during stacking. Else the white balance profile used during capture.

I use daytime profile on capture, although my mod is a baader mod with corrected colour balance for daytime photography.

On DSS I get it to align my channels (option for grey images)

Also on DSS I push up saturation to 20% and manually stretch and align channels before I extract to PS5.

Not saying this right, as sometimes I find it is better just to Export from DSS. You have more detail on your image than I got on mine.

I also find my laptop LCD is much brighter /washout than my mobile / iPad. So I have dialled my laptop setting back a bit to match my iPad. This tends to push it a bit harder so if looks better on all screens.

As a thought I often use image analyser (free) after PS5 to get my image ready for upload. I use it to boost local contrast, up vibrance, noise reduce and to compress to PNG. It seems to do these better than ps5.

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