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Celestron NexImage Burst Colour

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Hi Kate. Ive never used any Celestron neximage camera but looking at images taken with them i know that this model http://celestronsites.com/skyprodigy/products-page/accessories/neximage-camera/ took ok but not great images. The one you are asking about seems to be updated and more advanced?. The price doesnt seem to be too high either. It seems to be leaning towards a CCD camera rather then a USB  plug and play.

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Someone else asked the same/similar about 2 or 3 months back.

Cannot recall the conclusion, what makes me a little cautious is that they are not a "popular" camera.

Just located the one you refer to.

That appears to be a fairly standard CMOS video camera, the older ccd type would do video and exposures of a short duration if I recall. The Burst seems to be around £230 and I am not sure for that price.

The sensor seems very small 3.54x2.69mm the ZWO ASI 120 is 8x8mm

As it is just video I would half suggest buying an inexpensive webcam and using that, 1/10 the cost.

You are afterall with the Burst looking at a "simple" 1.2M cmos webcam, not sure that the chip is worth the additional cost. At £230 I would buy the ASI 120. At least then you have video and long exposure capabilities. The USB2.0 versions are the same cost.

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The ASI120MC is around the same price. Tring astro have them. Some images using this made the astro photographer of the year book. Damian Peach gave the mono version a good review in Astronomy Now. Lots of people are rating the mono version highly. Worth a look.

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