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Deep filed of Andromeda with newton 10" & kaf8300


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Hi everyone,

Today I have for you a "deep filed" in Andromeda.

In this picture you have many galaxies, PGC8804, PGC8873 et PGC8782 and many more but I don't find informations on the net.

Observatoire de Conlie, Sarthe, France. (20 kilometers north of the track of the 24 hours of Le Mans)

Instrument : Télescope Newton de 250 mm à F5
Monture : Skywatcher EQ-6 (Eqmod)
Caméra : QSI 583 WSG à -20°C (capteur Kodak KAF-8300) commandé par MaximDL et Maxpilote
Correcteur de coma : Baader RCCI, focale résultante de 1280 mm.
Filtres : L R V B Ha Baader
Guidage : Starlight Xpress Lodestar en Bin2 avec PHD2

Luminance : 3 h 00 = 18 x 600s
Rouge : 0 h 20 = 4 x 300s en Bin2
Vert : 0 h 20 = 4 x 300s en Bin2
Bleu : 0 h 20 = 4 x 300s en Bin2

Picture at 70%, clic for full size


What you can see with on 10 minutes sub (FWHM : 1.73 arcsec)


Have a good day.


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Nice image Jérémy, very naturally processed. My first CCD should be arriving tomorrow which also uses the KAF 8300, seems to be a good performer.

Oh, and i think you mean deep 'field' :) your English is excellent though, much better than my French!


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Hello Callum,

Thank you, I see than you are in France?

Yes i am Jérémy, in the Dordogne. Moved here from Scotland a few years ago. Lovely dark skies and many many more cloudless nights!


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