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Spc 900 tips


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So i managed to pickup an Spc900 with IR filter.

Im gonna have another go at jupiter as soon as the weather permits.

Any advice on how i should be setting the frame rate?

Also i was thinking of using it prime focus with a x2 or 3 barlow for now although i also have an afocal adaptor and was going to try using it with a 12mm lens in a x2 barlow.

What will produce the best results do you think?

A small test during daylight it seemed that the image was sharper round about 20fps instead of 30 or 60

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As Steve says, 10 FPS max, else it compresses the output. My avatar was taken with my SPC900 on an SLT 130 scope using a 5x barlow. It was a total of 1500 frames (so 150 secs) captured via sharpcap, then post processed with PIPP, AS!2 and photoshop CS6

Take your time, expecially with focusing, to get it spot on. The image will be fuzzy at best I expect, and will not show loads of details (guess it depends upon your scope) but post processing extracts all there is.

Also, depending on your scope, you may not reach focus without a  barlow - my 130 won't focus close enough without a 2x attached


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I tested the cam out on daylight targets and focusing on the 4.5 reflector wasnt a problem...

The st 80 needed an extender in order to focus.

Ill give it a go as soon as the clouds clear up which looks like tomorrow according to clear outside.com

thanks folks

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Bit late to the party but as per Alexxx bump the gain and focus on Jupiter's moons, then drop the gain for capturing the planet.

Your moons look a hair off from the pin point bright objects they should be. Also don't over process cf. blue fringe.

2000 frames is a decent start point before stacking, but as we all know 'seeing' is paramount.

Just don't expect full Astro CCD quality images with a webcam, do expect to have great fun and WOW your family and friends. :)

Oh and lastly, wait until late in the evening rather than when the planet is low to the East early on.

Congratulations on a creditable first attack, but beware, it gets addictive!

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