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Minimum mount for 102mm refractor astrophotography


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After getting my new 102mn Tak I'm looking at a mount suitable for future astrophotography. I was thinking of an ioptron zeq25, 30 or 45, would the 45 be serious overkill for the 102mm Tak or would the extra accuracy in the motor and gears pay dividends?

I'm not strictly set on an ioptron so other suggestions welcome

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So, after to got long time ago the TSA 102, it will better for you to use the EQ6 because you have to think about the refractor for guiding and if you do some shots, you will need to get stable mount and this mount is better to support the refractor of 102 + refractor for guiding and cameras !


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Not sure which of the 2 102 Taks you are getting but the heavier is 5.4Kg so 12lbs.

It seems doubtful that you will get above double that, so say 25lb.

That makes the iOptron zeq30 or 45 possibilities, the 25 may be a little lightweight for the scope plus expansion, although the expansion is sort of double.

iOptrons seem to be good, not heard of many problems and I notice that there are a few appearing in peoples signatures here if you look.

Check the user sites about them but they seem to be good and gaining popularity.

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If you want to guide, the NEQ6 is unbeatable in terms of price and very manageable in terms of tweaking. In fact, it can be brought to really high performance with various tweaks (bearings, belt mod etc). If you don't like guiding (that's me - I hate it) and want to be able to image unguided I would heartily recommend the 10Micron GM1000HPS.

Both alternatives give you room for growth. The latter carries the specified weight imaging, so a full 25 kg of equipment is feasible, while the former carries a bit more than half the rated weight imaging.


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The ioptron 45 is the equivalent of the neq6 I believe, and as advised above would be the one I would pick.

There's no such thing as mount overkill in dso imaging.

I've tried both and it isn't. The NEQ6 is far stiffer, especially over time. Quite honestly I'd say that either the HEQ5 or NEQ6 would handle this scope fine. If you are mobile then the 5 is more portable. There is no difference in accuracy. The NEQ6 would be better in a hurricane but do you image in hurricanes?


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