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Skywatcher lenses

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Hi Beanyboy, no, the ones you buy separately are much better, the plossls are the best starting point, then other ep's (eye pieces) like the PanaView or Myriad are better and can deliver quite good quality.  It depends on what you want to view, also, do you wear glasses as that has an impact on what is best for you.  But there is always better out there - at a price! :grin:

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Hi Beanyboy the eye relief relates to the distance the eye is from the lens so a long eye relief means you do not have to stick your eye on the lens but allows you to set back a bit. It's much more comfy. I read somewhere that eye relief of about six mm is good thus is the distance of the average eye lash. Hope that makes sense.

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Eye relief is how close your eye needs to get to the top lens of an eyepiece to see the full field of view. Short eye relief - you need to get pretty close. Long eye relief - well you can work that out !

People who wear glasses often can't get too close to the eyepiece top because their glasses get in the way so long eye relief designs help them. They can also be more comfortable for folks that don't wear glasses too.

Edit: Garry and I tryping at the same time !

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It will be a better eyepiece, however ID firs of all lok at getting a nice 32mm to make the most of the fov the scope provides, always remember the smaller the eyepeice the higher the magnification the better the seeing needs to be. high magnifications are best suited to excellent seeing conditions.

Something like:


Id personally go for 32, 25, 15 these will work well and not be expensive and from the same range above (revelation, gso, celestron, skywatcher) (lots of badge engeneering with this style of eyepiece).

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Hi Beanyboy, the 'LER' or 'LET' ep's as they are more correctly called are extremely good and a great step up from what you already have.  I have tried all of these as I have the full set (the 2mm is of no practicle use at all).  They show bright and clear views and as sharp as you like.  One of the nice things about them is that they have twist-up bodies for setting the eye-relief of the eyecup.  Very comfortable to use.  The other thing about them that is good is thier price, great value for the quality you get.

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