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Skywatcher F4 CC


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I recently bought the Skywatcher F4 coma corrector to go with my F4 10" Quattro which it's supposed to be specifically made for. I finally got a chance to try it the other night but couldn't get an image through it at all, not even an out of focus one. I eventually figured out that the focal point was inside the focuser tube by about 1/4".

I had to unscrew and remove the black ring at the top with the restraint screws then insert the CC directly into the tube. The focal point seemed to be about 1-2mm back from the top of the focuser housing. The problem is that there is nothing to hold the CC/Camera steady. I must be doing something obviously wrong but I can't figure out what. I'm hoping someone here has one of these and can point me in the right direction.




Canon camera w/ T-ring and 2" nose ring attached to the T-ring. CC is threaded into the bottom of the 2" nose ring. 

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Brym

By the looks of things you have to much in your imaging train .

It should be Camera T-ring straight to CC that should give you the 55mm from CC to camera Censor . CC shoulder --> T-ring 11mm ---> camera insides to sensor 44mm.

The CC should slot in to the focuser and the T-ring will stop it going in any further you can then tighten with the black ring screws and rack out the focuser to get focus :) 

If T-ring does not attach to CC you may need a different T-ring (DSLR-M48 Ring Adapter)

Hope that helps . I have just got a Quattro 8s myself there are great scopes .


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