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Hi all

Is there any scope thats good for both visual observing and astrophotohraphy?

Its seems that most people write on the forum that you have to chose one of them?

Sorry my bad English!

And second question is

What scope would you chose of these two

Celestron Nexstar 6EC
C8 200mm SCT on EQ5 Mount

or would you reconmmend another telescope?


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For planetary you can use a Mak/SCT and they are good(ish) for visual.

Good(ish) as it depends on what you are going to view.

Most seem to be goto so you align it and decide waht to look at, or, you goto a planet and take a video on a webcam.

Back to the original question.

Visual and imaaging tend to have different basic requirements.

Visual = big aperture

Asptrphotography = Size counts against you as you need a big mount and any breeze ruins exposures, and large aperture means a longer focal length and that means a bigger+better mount still.

For AP the requirement tends to go towards a good high quality small scope. For visual then a larger aperture counts and the larger size is less of a concern

Depending however on what you want to see and how serious both visual and astrophotography is to be taken there are "middle" options. I use a 90mm Megrez and it can image and I find it good for visual, it is also a nice easy size. It seems to do everything I need.

So perhaps an 80mm is a bit small for visual, but a 100mm should do well and it can image - it would be ED at least. I will stick to the 90.

You cannot gt one that really does both excently well (in a reasonable budget) but you can get one that does each reasonable.

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